Counselling provides a safe place where you can explore and make changes.  The essential factor is the relationship with your therapist and that you feel safe, listened to and understood.  Once you feel listened to in your current situation, tools can be introduced to enable and assist you to move on or make changes.

The approach that I use and is found most effective by people is based on our human needs or givens. All forms of mental distress arise because, in one way or another, our physical or emotional needs are not being met. To address these needs a variety of up-to-date techniques are used, including the use of hypnosis when appropriate.

This approach is effective because it draws on both findings from psychology and neurobiology about how we really function and which counselling techniques are most effective.

By using this approach, we can identify any unmet emotional needs, thus enabling us to meet these needs by using our own natural resources in new ways and getting a sense of control over our life.